Environmental Policy

We as THY Adventure feel ourselves responsible for the conservation of our ecosystem. We have various techniques to conservation our ecosystem and they are.

  • We allow limited number of participants due to which we could help ourselves manage waste appropriately.
  • In the treks we have to go through forests and we try creating minimal noise in consideration of animals and zero waste disposal in the forests.
  • we don’t promote dis or loud music on mountains or high terrain land.
  • we prefer walks and trails in no vehicular movement zone.
  • This restriction helps us in not polluting the ecosystem.
  • we manage disposal techniques of toilets set up at the campsites as well as the biodegradable waste produced from the kitchen.
  • Streams, lakes and ponds are the main water sources in the forests which helps animals survive, and we take steps to keep them clean and pure.
  • We promote minimal use of plastic items on treks.

In order to promote cleanliness, we as well as the participants, during the treks collect litter caused by other treks or previous group of people who passed by. This helps us to keep not only our forests clean but also our cities clean.