Paradise Pondicherry

Paradise Pondicherry

Firstly ,it is a very small place and you can complete your trip in like 2 nights and 2 days.If you are travelling from Vellore there are always local government bus are available every hour.

I went to Pondicherry with  5 friends of mine in January.I think November-February is the best time to go and chill there.

We left at 5 AM by bus from Vellore and reached Pondicherry at around 9:30 AM. From bus stand we directly went to Mission Street and hire 3 two wheeler(₹200-₹400 per day) from there.You can hire two wheeler from anywhere in Pondicherry. We booked a room in a hotel in Mission Street in White town.


Coming to the places to look around in Pondicherry-

Enter White Town and you will find a lot of french buildings there ,like a French Colony.They are very beautiful. I would suggest that park your vehicle somewhere and just walk through the white town.It is totally worth it.There only you will find Aurobindo Ashram and it is just blissful.



Then go straight to Rock Beach.The view from there is just amazing.Sit and just relax on the rocks and listen to the sound of curling waves when it hits the rock.This is breathtaking.



The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus , this is very near to rock beach approx 1 km.It is very nice and very old.


Then straight head to Paradise Beach in your beach wear.It is about 13 km from town and trust me the ride between town to paradise beach is amazing.The beach is calm and located in a remote area.



After this come back to your room freshen up and get ready for dinner.There are lot of good places in white town and after dinner go on a walk again at the rock beach and visit and La Cafe. It has perfect beach view.Relax there and have coffee.




Main point of being in Pondicherry is cheap alcohol (tax free alcohol),so grab as many bottles as you can of your favourite brand.There are two known clubs in Pondicherry ,one is very far from the town and other one is costly. Sadly, there is not much club life there.

Then for next day wake up early and head to AUROVILLE. It attracts tourists from all over the world.Spend your whole day there and literally you will never forget this experience.Inside auroville there is MANTRIMANDIR. If you want to enter inside that there is pre-booking which has to be done (2 days before). It will be a wonderful experience.




This is all from my side ,Pondicherry is a very beautiful destination if you are looking for a short vacation.

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